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Dubbed in Light: The Remix 125th street Harlem

Dubbed in reflections (Light and love) is a site-specific light art installation series that repurposes deconstructed reflective industrial safety materials into artworks that are installed temporarily onto exterior/ interior surfaces to transform the experiences of the site. Each site is transformed with layering design patterns of colors and shapes that light up- reflect light with a camera flash or car headlights. In sunlight the materials glow and give off light rainbow prisms that bounce of surrounding surfaces.  On a cloudy day or under shade the materials glow. With movement, the materials light up on as the passerby walks or drives past. This series began in 2013, in Harlem under the 125th street viaduct bridge as a reflective poem of Marianne Williamson it is our deepest fear shaped into the word love that would light up as cars drove by. From there developed specifically in Harlem to address the abandonment and neglect of a community and to light up the resilience of a community. How people have come together to transform their communities. This work is interactive and encourages viewers to share their experiences by playing with light through taking photos and sharing on social media or a community media platform.

High-fives to all the groups that created hundreds of stars during the 2018 holiday season to help us showcase the brilliance of East Harlem: Addie Mae Collins Head Start, AHRC, the Caribbean Cultural Center, Chelton Loft, Harlem Neighborhood Health Action Center, Northern Manhattan Rehab, P.S. 30 and Sinergia. Thanks as well to the small businesses and property owners who are hosting the stars on their gates and storefronts. 

Most of our stars have come down for the season, but you can still catch them on the corner where East Harlem begins, at 125th Street & Fifth Avenue.

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