Dubbed: Lady K Fever

Dubbed: Lady K Fever

Bronx Council on the Arts- Longwood Art Gallery at Hostos 


On view in The Project Room: February 4 - May 6, 2015 

Dubbed: Lady K Fever, an installation by Lady K Fever (Kathleena Howie) and curated by Bronx artist and 2013 BCA BRIO winner Laura Napier, is a fresh, innovative installation ─ the artist’s first solo NYC exhibition. Working in the Gallery’s Project Room during the days prior to her opening, Lady K Fever will remix her own work, layering graffiti vernacular, drawings, paintings on plexiglass and cardboard, razor wire, transparencies, found objects, and selfies with her signature abstract expressive flora and botanicals.

Public Events at the Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos

  • Bronx Trolley + Dubbed/ in Fever Remix soundtrack with DJ Muma Doesa & DJ Rellik, Melbourne, Australia;

  • Bronx Trolley + Dubbed/ in Conversation live drawing;

  • Bronx Trolley + Dubbed/ in Transport reflective graffiti installation.

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