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Recycle so the future can smell the flowers too... 


NYC Dept of Sanitation (DSNY)

The City of New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) recently unveiled "Trucks of Art," a unique art exhibit that challenged artists to beautify five new, state-of-the-art collection vehicles with hand-painted designs. Debuted in Times Square, the trucks’ artwork encourages New Yorkers to think sustainably and honors New York’s Strongest, the 7,500 uniformed men and women who keep New York City healthy, safe and clean. While this is the first time DSNY has transformed its collection trucks into an artist's canvas, Trucks of Art builds upon the department’s history of working with artists.

Lady K-Fever, a Bronx-based interdisciplinary street artist who believes art is a catalyst for change, played upon the saying “stop and smell the roses” in her Truck of Art, which is now covered with flowers, birds and grass.“We’re experiencing a global garbage problem, and I designed my mural to make people think about the beauty of our environment—and how their recycling can impact a positive future,” said Lady K-Fever in a statement. “Putting this design on a sanitation truck also reminds people just who helps them take care of our environment—DSNY!”

As a playful addition to her design, she incorporated reflective decals for added flair and visibility.

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